Covid 19 Update

As you may be aware already, the government has issued guidance that wherever possible our team members should work from home for the immediate future. As of today, we implemented remote working arrangements to do our part for social distancing which means that we will not be seeing any clients face to face and our advice will be provided remotely.  Customer meetings will be delivered in virtual formats (Telephone, Skype, Facetime) and we will work with our clients within reason, to achieve whatever is needed.

We have a business that can function from any location in a crisis and all of our team are fully operational at home, they have laptops and mobile phones. Importantly we have a remote cloud based case management system that holds all our data including emails and documents. Our team can access and work in that system from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

With regards post, we will, subject to government advice, have staff attending the office to receive the post and scan it to the relevant team member to progress matters in the usual way. If delivering items to the office, please just post this through our door marked for Cheltenham Mortgage Advisers to avoid any contact with staff. In the event that we have to certify original documents like identification please book an appointment to come to the office, ensuring that you keep a safe distance with the staff copying this documentation and that you wash your hands before and after this process.

It would be mismanaging our clients to say that our service won’t be affected at all, as it will, especially in the short term. There may be case specific issues which will require our team and third parties to think on their feet, be flexible and work collaboratively and that may not always be within our control. It is likely phone availability will be more limited and as such we will need to focus more on organising arranged call backs. Clearly greater importance will be placed on email as a medium during this period.

All I can say is our team will give it their all and in general terms, normal service continues. 

If you have any concerns, please contact the team with conduct of your matter who will be happy to help. We are aware that local businesses and people are going to face some testing times, as are we. We will do all we can to support the local community at what is an unprecedented time

Call us today, to arrange a free consultation on 01242 211 610